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Hariharalaya is an oasis of consciousness and creativity, a community for learning, sharing and awakening to life and with life in each moment in the shade of the Ancient Temples of Angkor. This journey of beauty, truth and love leads us through many explorations each day – yoga, meditation, breathing, creative arts, healing foods, permaculture, contemplation, study, music, conversation, silence, dance, detox, chanting, nature, community, smiling and simply just Being. Based on the practice of Integral Yoga and Meditation, we offer a space to breathe and awaken, encouraging everyone to explore and taste the magic of life for themselves.

Hariharalaya is a special place to develop a personal yoga and meditation practice (Sadhana) or deepen your existing practice on retreat. Located in traditional Khmer farming village,

we flow with the natural rhythms of life, nature and our community. We practice mindfulness,  awareness in action, and offer many opportunities to participate and share in community life. At Hariharalaya, every day is fresh and alive. We follow a daily schedule of practice and study sessions, leaving plenty of space for spontaneous creativity, sharing and relaxation.

Hariharalaya has been home to an international and intergenerational spiritual community of teachers, students, artists, musicians, healers, dancers, poets, permaculturists, chefs and more since 2010. We are holding space for people to awaken and express their true self. We are a core community committed to living and learning with dharma, integrity, love and wisdom.

At Hariharalaya we live an integrated life – including not only our physical body, our breath, our mind, our will power, our concentration, our speech, our thoughts, our actions, our relationships, our desires, our creativity, our food, but many more subtle aspects of life that make up the fabric of our experience of reality. We also practice an Integral Yoga – including aspects of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Tantra and more. The Asana practice is not seen as an end in itself, as a workout or an acrobatics show, but as a way of preparing the body-mind for Meditation and Self Realization. We strongly encourage guests to continue or start up their personal practice in addition to our daily group practices.

Hariharalaya is located on the land of the ancient Cambodia capital of the same name. Hariharalaya was the capital of Vedic Cambodia from 800 AD until around 1000 AD. During this time several Shiva Temples were constructed, including the Bakong Temple – a 7 level Pyramid Temple, and a Nandi Temple called Preah Koh ‘Sacred Cow’. The name Hariharalaya comes from Sanskrit, Hari ‘Vishnu’, Hara ‘Shiva’ and Alaya ‘Home’. It means  the Home of the Divine Unity within Duality.

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