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Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreats 2017/18

We recommend booking your retreat at least one month in advance.


Oct 1st – 6th *FILLING UP*
Oct 10th – 15th *FILLING UP*
Oct 19th – 24th *ALMOST FULL*
Oct 28 – Nov 2nd *FULL

Nov 6th – 11th *FULL*
Nov 15th – 20th *FULL*
Nov 24th – 29th *FULL*

Dec 3rd – 8th *FULL*
Dec 12th – 17th *FULL*
Dec 21st – 26th *FULL*
Dec 29th – Jan 3rd *FULL*


Jan 7th – Jan 12th *FULL*
Jan 16th – Jan 21st *FULL*
Jan 25th – Jan 30th *FULL*

Feb 3rd – Feb 8th *FULL*
Feb 12th – Feb 17th *FULL*
Feb 21st – Feb 26th *FULL*

Mar 2nd – Mar 7th *FULL*
Mar 11th – Mar 16th *FULL*
Mar 20th – Mar 25th *FULL*
Mar 29th – Apr 3rd *1 SPACE*

Apr 7th – Apr 12th *5 SPACES* 
Apr 17th – Apr 22nd *3 SPACES*
Apr 26th – May 1st

May 5th – May 10th *FILLING UP*
May 14th – May 19th
May 23rd – May 28th

Jun 1st – Jun 6th
Jun 10th – Jun 15th
Jun 19th – Jun 24th
Jun 28th – Jul 2nd

Jul 15th – Jul 20th
Jul 24th – Jul 29th

Aug 2nd – Aug 7th
Aug 11th – Aug 16th
Aug 20th – Aug 25th
Aug 29th – Sep 3rd

Sep 7th – Sep 12th
Sep 16th – Sep 21st
Sep 25th – Sep 30th

Oct 3rd – Oct 8th
Oct 16th – Oct 21st
Oct 26th – Oct 31st

Nov 4th – Nov 9th
Nov 14th – Nov 19th
Nov 23 – Nov 28th

Dec 2nd – Dec 7th
Dec 11th – Dec 16th
Dec 21st – Dec 26th
Dec 29th – Jan 3rd

6 Day Retreat Program

The Daily Schedule is the foundation of our program and sets the rhythm for the retreat.
We have developed our schedule over years of experience and are proud to offer an inspiring learning program.

Morning Practice consists of 90 minutes of yoga asana and 30 minutes sitting meditation.
Evening Practice consists of 20 minutes of yoga and pranayama and 30 minutes sitting meditation.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner feature homemade vegan meals. All of our recipes are available in our Cambodian Vegan Cookbook. Workshops and Tours are optional and available at an additional fee. Free Time is time to relax, integrate and explore. It is also possible to take out bikes, explore the village, sit by the lounge pool, play games, read a book or just lay in a hammock.

"A stunning, bamboo paradise tucked away from all the hustle and bustle. "

Ash on Tripadvisor July 2017

Wonderful comments from one of our most recent guests after a 6 Day Retreat.



Booking Terms & Conditions


Prices are for the full 6 day retreat, per person – Including all Meals, Accommodation, and Retreat Program.

A deposit of $100 USD is required to complete the registration. Your remaining balance should be paid upon arrival with either CASH(US$) or a CREDIT CARD. Please note that a 5% transaction fee will be applied to any credit card transactions.

Our deposits are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend a retreat, then you can use your deposit towards another retreat valid for up to 1 year. Please inform us if you will not be attending the retreat at least 7 days in advance.

You will be charged the full amount for your retreat course if you choose to cancel within 7 days before the start date of the retreat or if you decide to leave early.

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