A Real Life Changing Experience

Awakening through Yoga and Meditation

Retreat Program

Our learning program includes daily classes, health & wellness, creativity, community, nature and free time. Come be part of our creative community to learn and be inspired by our experienced team of international yoga and meditation instructors. We take a holistic approach to health through the body, heart and mind, offering individual support for all levels of experience. We promote and encourage setting up a daily practice of yoga, meditation and creativity.

Living Yoga

Yoga is much more than physical exercise. It is a way of life. Through our daily practice of movement, breath and meditation we learn to relax back into the center of our Being and flow with the present moment. We teach the importance of mindfulness and cultivating awareness and creativity throughout the whole day. We observe periods of Digital Detox and Silence as part of our retreats. Simplicity enables us to listen more deeply and live more fully.

Conscious Living Yoga Program

We are now offering the opportunity to live, learn and share as part of a creative international community. Hariharalaya is an ideal place for self discovery, personal transformation, reconnecting with nature and opening your heart to beauty of the present moment.

In addition to daily classes of Yoga, Meditation, Breath, Creativity and Dance, we also have a wide range of facilities, including an Arts and Music Room, Games Room, Rock Climbing Gym, Lounge Pool, Spa and Wellness Center, Tree House, Open Air Cinema and 2 hectares of jungle gardens to enjoy. We serve 3 delicious home cooked meals per day (Vegan and Gluten Free!). We also have a fleet of bicycles to get out and explore the local village.

We recommend staying for minimum one month (ideally three months) to get the most out of your retreat. It usually takes several weeks to start to slow down and get into a rhythm. Our daily schedule, which we have developed over the last 10 years of experience, sets the rhythm for our inspiring community learning program.

Retreats start on Mondays at 10 am and end on Saturdays at 10 am
Morning Practice consists of 60 minutes of yoga asana and breathing and 30 minutes sitting meditation
Evening Practice consists of 20 minutes of yoga and breathing and 30 minutes sitting meditation
We observe silence every day from 10 pm to 10 am
Thursday is a full day of silence


Power and Light

Miri on Tripadvisor April 2018

What will it be like? No expectations. Just curiosity and excitement. In the end.Overwhelmed with all the love from everybody. The people, the surrounding, the practise, the food, the whole place.

Everything was perfect in balance.


Booking Terms & Conditions

Prices include Meals, Accommodation, and Retreat Program. A deposit of $50 USD is required to complete your registration. Your remaining balance is due upon arrival in CASH ONLY. We accept USD, Cambodian Riel, Pounds, Euros and Australian Dollars.

Our deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a retreat, then you can use your deposit towards another retreat for up to 1 year. Please inform us if you will not be attending the retreat at least 7 days in advance. Please note that if the retreat dates are changed or canceled within 7 days prior to the retreat the deposit will be nontransferable. You will still be charged the full amount for your retreat course if you decide to leave early.