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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your COVID Policy?
When does the retreat start?

The retreat starts at 10am on Friday morning with check in, tour and registration. It is important to arrive on time to get into the rhythm. 

If for whatever reason you are unable to arrive by 10am, then be sure to arrive before 2pm for our Opening Sharing Circle. This is an essential part of the retreat program. 

If you like you can arrive on the Thursday before the retreat starts between 2 – 5pm for an additional $20. 

When should I arrive in Siem Reap?
How do I get to Hariharalaya from Siem Reap?
What time does the retreat end on the last day?

Weekend Retreats end after breakfast on Monday morning. If you like you can stay for lunch for an extra $5. Our closing sharing circle is on Sunday after breakfast, in case you need to leave early on Sunday. We do not offer any refunds or discounts for leaving early. 

Two Week Retreats are 14 days and 13 nights.
One Month Retreats are 28 days and 27 nights.
Three Month Retreats are 84 days and 83 nights. 

How long is the Yoga Discovery Program?
What is your Payment Policy?
What is your cancellation policy?
Can I extend my retreat?
What is the food like?
Do you offer gluten free options?
Is smoking permitted on retreat?
What is your policy on coffee, drugs and alcohol?
Are there any snacks or beverages available on site?
What should I bring with me to Hariharalaya?
Are towels and toiletries provided?
Do you offer laundry service during the retreat?
Do the rooms come equipped with fans or A/C?
Do any rooms have private bathrooms?
Do you have wifi?
What style of yoga is practiced?
What type of meditation do you do?
Is the yoga/meditation suitable for beginners?
Are you retreats suitable for advanced practitioners?
Am I required to attend all yoga and meditation classes and activities on the schedule?
Do I need to bring my own yoga gear?
Do I need to take malaria pills?
What is the atmosphere at Hariharalaya like?
What is the weather like in hot or rainy seasons?
Will there be any music playing in the village?
Do you have bicycles to explore the villages around Hariharalaya?
Is Hariharalaya located near the Angkor Temples?
Can I visit the Angkor Temples during the retreat?