Hariharalaya Ethos

Exciting opportunities to join our teaching team at the Hariharalaya Retreat Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia near the Ancient Temples of Angkor. Both of these positions are to be a part of our inspiring Teaching Staff with 6 international teachers.

Hariharalaya is a dynamic community-based learning environment that offers 6 Day retreats to guests as well as ongoing teacher development through a structured internship program and karma yogi roles.

We are a grassroots, community based, Integral Yoga Learning Center. Our retreats focus on community, creativity, nature, silence, and self-reflection, in order to feel more alive, creative and balanced. This is the core message of Hariharalaya and it is infused in the classes, schedule, events and the spaces.

Our goal is to offer guests the tools and experience to develop a personal practice of yoga, breathing and meditation. Each day there is a full schedule of yoga and meditation classes, community sharing, delicious meals, quiet moments, fun activities, community sharing, healing sessions and Cambodian magic.

Karma Yogi Oppurtunity



A Karma Yogi should have an amiable, loving, sociable nature, as well as great people skills and a sharp attention to detail. He/She should be able to move and mix with everyone within the community and have perfect adaptability, mercy and cosmic love. A Karma Yogi should be sympathetic and tolerant and able to adjust him or herself to the habits and ways of others, with an all-inclusive and all-embracing heart. He/She should always have a cool and balanced mind as well as a strong eagerness to selflessly serve the community.




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