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Mystic, Polyglot, Yogi, Vegan Chef, Poet, Classical Musician, Jeweler and Lover of Life… Joel was first initiated in a traditional Kriya Yoga path in 2000, which sparked a period of 10 years of intensive Sadhana, Self inquiry and Self discovery.

Joel met his gurus, Sri Karunamayi, Sri Shivabalayogi and Sri Amritanandamayi Ma around 2005 and spent years studying Integral Yoga and absorbing the wisdom of Being from the presence of many great saints, sages and enlightened masters. Since 2010 Joel has dedicated his time and energy to maintaining a sacred space to explore and experience this great Joy and Freedom of Awakening through Integral Yoga, conscious living, community and creativity.

Joel advocates simple and healthy living, coming back into harmony with the natural cycles of Life, and integrating the Body, Heart and Mind as a conscious wholeness. He has great respect for traditional culture and integrated living, which is one of the reasons that he set up his center for Integral Yoga and Awakening in Siem Reap, Cambodia near the ancient temples of Angkor.

Joel is present and teaching during almost all of the retreats and is available for questions. One book of dharma talks, The Foundations of Stillness, was published in 2013. There are currently two more books of talks from early 2014, Seeds of Dharma, which will be released later this year.


Retreat Manager and Core Yoga Teacher

Jess is a lover of sunshine, good company and belly laughs. Her mission is quite simple: to share the tools and practices that have helped her to find love and aliveness within herself. Her first yoga class was challenging, awkward and uncomfortable but it ignited something within her that has led her to practice every day since. 

 It didn’t take long for her to realize that the practice of yoga extends far beyond what happens on the mat. She realized that yogic practices have the ability to positively impact all areas of one’s life: physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational and spiritual. As she deepened into her own practice, she fell in love with breathwork and the incredible power of meditation. Often found with a ukulele in hand, Jess loves to sing, dance and share the practice of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of the heart).

 She’s completed a multitude of trainings in India, the United States and Australia. She’s assisted in 200 hour teacher trainings and finds much inspiration from her teachers and just generally learning from life. She infuses her classes with lightheartedness and humor while maintaining safe alignment, power and strength. 


Core Yoga Teacher

Maria has always been a people person. She loves travelling and spending time in nature. She started practicing yoga when she was a teenager without assuming and having even a small hint how it will change her life. Maria loves being in service and her most important aim is to help others feel comfortable in their practice, learn essential postures, breathing and meditation techniques and ensure a safe practice.

Maria used to work in a kindergarten which helped her to keep her inner child alive and find the playfulness in everything. She also practices and teaches laughter yoga, restorative yoga and works with the elderly teaching chair yoga. Maria speaks several languages but her favorite language of all is the universal language of laughter. By teaching and sharing her knowledge she hopes to help more people to feel alive, joyful and in harmony.



Core Yoga Teacher

Rebecca is a California-grown explorer who is fascinated by human connection; forever-curious about life; titillated by bio-energy, and mind-blown by serendipitous moments. She started dancing before she could walk which led her along the path of competitive dance until she was about 18 years old (jazz, tap, drill team, hip hop, and contemporary). Through dance, she experienced the possibility of losing herself in the moment and merging with all of the elements around her and within her.


She took her first yoga class at 19 and from then on the practice of awareness and breathwork supported her throughout uni, grad school, and her corporate career as an international business development consultant. She studied in Tel Aviv and ended up in Berlin where she’s lived for the past 8 years. Being far away from family always had her missing “home.” It wasn’t until she experienced her first Vipassana retreat in 2014 when she realized that “home” is wherever she is.

In 2016, Rebecca completed her first Dynamic Mindfulness yoga teacher training in Berlin and in the same year visited Hariharalaya as a guest. Since then her teaching and studying have snowballed in anticipation to come back and teach at Hariharalaya. She’s completed international training in Somatic Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Thai Massage Level I, Yoga Biomechanics, Pain Science, Feldenkrais, Axis Syllabus, and has hosted her own Breath of Sunshine Retreats throughout Europe. She is driven by love and overjoyed to be a core teacher at Hariharalaya.


Karma Yogi

Lana is passionate about yoga, travelling and dipping herself in different cultures. She started her yoga journey in Germany and has been immersed in the journey of self-exploration through yoga for over thirteen years now. While living and travelling across many countries, yoga and meditation were her anchors in a busy world, keeping her grounded and peaceful while working in a fast-paced corporate environment.

Her desire to follow her heart inspired her to leave her corporate job in London and pursue a Hatha Yoga Training in Bali. Her intention is to share and inspire others to include yoga and meditation in their daily life, to experience the benefits and healing power of yoga and re-connect with the innate wisdom and power within themselves. She feels deep reverence for yoga and its power to unlock the vast potential of our true self while connecting mind, body and soul and also how awareness transforms our life from the inside.

She loves dancing and movement as well as reading, riding bicycles, being in nature, chanting and treating herself with Hariharalaya’s amazing vegan cake!


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