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Mystic, Polyglot, Yogi, Vegan Chef, Poet, Classical Musician, Jeweler and Lover of Life… Joel has drowned himself in the ocean of Yoga and never came back. He was first initiated in a traditional Kriya Yoga path in 2000, which sparked a period of 10 years of intensive Sadhana, Self inquiry and Self discovery.

Joel met his gurus, Sri Karunamayi, Sri Shivabalayogi and Sri Amritanandamayi Ma around 2005 and spent years studying Integral Yoga and absorbing the wisdom of Being from the presence of many great saints, sages and enlightened masters. Since 2010 Joel has dedicated his time and energy to maintaining a sacred space to explore and experience this great Joy and Freedom of Awakening through Integral Yoga, conscious living, community and creativity.

Joel advocates simple and healthy living, coming back into harmony with the natural cycles of Life, and integrating the Body, Heart and Mind as a conscious wholeness. He has great respect for traditional culture and integrated living, which is one of the reasons that he set up his center for Integral Yoga and Awakening in Siem Reap, Cambodia near the ancient temples of Angkor.

Joel is present and teaching during almost all of the retreats and is available for questions. One book of dharma talks, The Foundations of Stillness, was published in 2013. There are currently two more books of talks from early 2014, Seeds of Dharma, which will be released later this year.


Retreat Manager

From a small beach town in Australia Caybin had always been raised with a connection to nature. He was fortunate enough to be instilled with this balancing lifestyle from a young age. His first yoga experience was with a sunrise on the beach. Serendipitously Yoga became the bridge for connection to the true nature of being through every sunrise and sunset.

This practice became daily medicine for breaking the virus of seriousness that can manifest within the mind. Integral yoga rapidly became a way of life which led to a more simple lifestyle experiencing self-sustainable communities, vegan life, living with yoga teachers and healers.

The yogic path led him to Hariharalaya as a guest where he wished to continue deepening his personal practice. This experience inspired Caybin to further his passion in the art of yoga and mindful living through India and Nepal. After, completing his 200 hour YTT in Hatha and Ashtanga at Chandra International Yoga School in Rishikesh, India he began teaching in the Himachal Pradesh, India. With an unexpected pirouette in this cosmic dance of life Caybin was graciously called back to Hariharalaya. This time with the intention to share, learn, grow and create a space for other like minded souls to experience the peace and beauty that lies within the stillness.


Senior Yoga Teacher

JAmanda is an eager yoga student, a grounded, compassionate teacher, a former perfectionist, a wannabe vegan chef, and a fan of big questions and long flights.  Her endless curiosity about the science of yoga led her to teacher training in 2009 and has continued to guide her to become certified as an E-RYT 500, specialize in prenatal yoga, and study in a traditional lineage of Vedic chanting.

She sees yoga as a way of being and an inward pathway home.  As a teacher, she wholeheartedly holds space and patiently serves as an alarm clock - waking students up to what's happening right now.  Her aim is to use the specific alignment of postures, mantras, and breath as a vehicle for cultivating natural awareness.

After six years of teaching yoga and leading teacher trainings in Los Angeles, she bought a one-way ticket to India to delve back into student-mode.  A three-month plan quickly turned into two years of travel and immersion in Sanskrit, philosophy, mantras, and meditation.  Since then she's been fortunate to teach at seaside retreats in Goa, on a tiny island in Greece, and now at Hariharalaya, where she oversees the yoga program, drinks a lot of coconuts, and is grateful to live in a community that embodies the practice far beyond the edges of the mat.


Office Manager

Ashanna’s path in life has been so fortunately shaped by the healing centered and health conscious upbringing she was given. With her mother being a Naturopath, Iridologist and Reiki healer Ashanna was first introduced to mediation, asana, mantras and spiritual teachings from a young age. A holistic way of being was nurtured and a connection within developed.

As she continued along her path, a love for weaving the written word led to pursuing a career in Journalism. As she traversed the Australian media world her yogic practices were what centered her, yet she felt a divide between her practice and ‘life’.

When the time came to plan a trip overseas her desire to deepen her practice and embrace who she truly is guided her to Hariharalaya as a guest. Here she felt true integration and a calling to be a part of the team that cultivates an environment to help other souls to grow and embrace their true selves, just as she did here.


Resident Healer

His intense longing for truth led Mangalan already in his youth to the ashram of his spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in India. After spending several years in intense spiritual practice, he left India to follow his inner calling to become a healer. Back in Germany, he attendedNaturopathy School and then continued his medical studies with several doctors and teachers over the last 16 years. Having aquired the techniques of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, a gentle form of chiropractic, herbal remedies and energetic healing, he started his own healing practice in Stuttgart.  Called to the medicine path of the Q`ero Native Indian Tradition, life led him to Peru to study the ancient healing techniques with the Andean Masters.

Happy to combine his practice with a mindful community-life, he is now serving as resident healer at Hariharalaya retreat center.

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