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A team of 3 Cambodian monks from the local pagodas will come to Hariharalaya for a traditional Buddhist water blessings.
They will chant the sutras in Pali while sprinkling water. Afterwards there will a Question and Answer session with the monks.
One of our staff was a monk for eight years, so he can answer questions about Cambodian culture and monkhood.
We will finish the program with group discussion and some community practices for deep connection.

Two hours: FREE

Inspiring Dharma Talk

Learn about the foundations of integral yoga, conscious living and creativity. Experience the silence, wisdom and laughter of the founder Joel Altman’s spontaneous dharma talks. Two to three times per retreat.

One hour: FREE

Evening Activities

Each evening we offer creative, community-based activities such as Movie Night, Games Night, Dance Meditation, Jam Night and Khmer Wedding Celebration Night.
Loosen up, find your inner child and celebrate Life!

One hour: FREE

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