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Secret Yoga: Practices for Awakening

Advanced practice goes far beyond acrobatics and gymnastics.  Explore ancient yogic tools that facilitate presence, awareness, and awakening. Discover simple ways to integrate these layers into your daily life and sadhana.

In this interactive, fun and experiential workshop, we will study and practice techniques that yogis have used for thousands of years to purify the nervous system and deepen the sense of presence.

We start by exploring subtle yogic anatomy and then dive into the theory and technique of bandhas, mudras, pranayama and yoga nidra.

Discover how these scientific practices help refine your inner focus and channel your innate ability to cultivate mindfulness and happiness.  All levels of experience are welcome!

Three hours: $30

*Please Note Workshop is seasonal and subject to change*

Hidden Temple Yoga Journey Workshop

Off the maps and away from tourists, explore the former King’s temple that stood hundreds of years before Angkor Wat.

Once the site of battles between the Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge, this sacred place is now covered by thick forest and shrouded with mystery and serenity. We will be picked up by tuk-tuk at 10am for the excursion.

The journey begins with a yoga & meditation practice by the lotus pond surrounded by the sounds of nature. Then we will share a delicious lunch picnic under the shade of ancient trees.

Afterwards, there is time to explore the ruins and the local pagoda.

The trip ends with a short closing circle before heading back to Hariharalaya.

Four hours: $25

Inspiring Dharma Talk

Learn about the foundations of integral yoga, conscious living and creativity. Experience the silence, wisdom and laughter of the founder Joel Altman’s spontaneous dharma talks. Two to three times per retreat.

One hour: FREE

Evening Activities

Each evening we offer creative, community-based activities such as Movie Night, Games Night, Dance Meditation, Jam Night and Khmer Wedding Celebration Night.
Loosen up, find your inner child and celebrate Life!

One hour: FREE

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